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WSS Aircraft and Rates

This information is subject to change. Please contact us for the most recent info on equipment and rates.

Schweizer 2-33Rental: $15.00/Hour (requires club membership)
Schweizer 1-34Rental: $28.00/Hour (requires club membership)
Blanik L-23Rental: $40.00/Hour (requires club membership)
Piper PawneeTow to 1000 ft: $25.00, Each addtl 100 Ft: $1.10

Instruction, Rides and MembershipPrice
Instructor Fee$25.00/Hour (Minimum 1 Hour per Session)
Deluxe Discovery Flight (Blanik L-23)$120.00 (includes 3,000' tow)
Mile-High Adventure (Blanik L-23)$150.00 (includes 5,280' tow)
Club Membership - IndividualOne-Time Fee: $250.00
 Monthly Dues: $35.00 (sailplane owners: $30.00)
Club Membership - FamilyOne-Time Fee: $275.00
 Monthly Dues: $37.50 (sailplane owners: $32.50)
SSA MembershipMandatory - Administered by the club (additional fees apply)

   1-34 Schweizer

   2-33 Schweizer

   L-23 Blanik

   Piper Pawnee